Hair Inspiration

Last Friday, a client asked me which websites I search for hair inspirations.  Well, I was more willing to search for a glass of wine than to search for another hair inspiration but I did tell her my secret.

There are a ton of ‘influencers’ on the web but I cannot tell fake news from real news and I know there is some fake news.  Last year, I cut way back on internet time and did not miss it.

There is one site which is my go-to site.  I love the L’Oreal site,   I know they selling L’Oreal products but the content is updated a lot and most of their posts are really great. only has about six bloggers but they blog about everything. 

I love L’Oreal products and only stock L’Oreal and Redken.  Even if I did not stock them, the website is phenomenalllllllllll

Here is the best link Styling

Happy reading.