3 Step Winter Hair Prep


  • Use a conditioner: Choose a good conditioner and apply it early and often–wring excess water out first and combing the product through.
  • Find anti-frizz products:      Mist in an anti-frizz spray in several different sections before you blow dry.
  • Experiment with oil: Natural oils can function as a leave-in conditioner, hydrating treatment and shine serum in one.
  • Use a masque weekly: After shampoo, apply a tablespoon of product to towel-dried hair, from mid-lengths to ends.  Leave in for 10 minutes, with a warm, slightly damp towel wrapped around.
  • Use moulding crème: Tame fly-aways and smooth hair down with your hands all day without the need for more product.
  • Apply Styling Cream Frequently: Styling crème is like hand cream for your hair. When hair needs a little extra TLC touch it up with any form of styling lotion.


  • Minimise, Minimise Hairspraying: Hairspray creates more static than it solves


  • Turn down temperature setting: Wake up five minutes earlier to lower temperature and spend longer drying time in the winter.
  • Avoid Wet Hair: Blow Dry Express always blow-dries hair better than you ever could because we leave no wet hairs. One little strand of wet hair will sit next to the dry hair and create creeping frizz that creeps up throughout the day. When a salon dries hair it smoother and shinier because we blow dry hair over and over the hair until completely dry without frying.