Hair Tips for 2019

It is still early in the year and Easter hats and spring hair is still 40 days away!!

Problem 1: No Time to care – Dry Shampoo
Solution 1: This powdery miracle comes in many different formulas, scents, and even colors. Sprinkle it in your roots and all over—you be the judge of how much you need. Then comb or brush it evenly through your mane. Keep it handy for an end-of- the-day touchup.

Problem 2: No Time to curl – Donuts
Solution 2: The hair donut is a problem-solver when it comes to both of these issues. Fold your hair into it, pin it in place with bobby pins!! Enjoy a polished updo that would make even the most pristine ballerinas green with envy. At the end of the work day, pull out the donut to reveal gorgeous waves and a subtle curl.

Problem 3: No Time to smooth – Crème
Solution 3: Crazy wisps can be eliminated with smoothing creme/lotion before and after blow-drying. Some are even specifically for taming flyaways and frizz. They are easy on your hair and not much of a commitment. Spread it evenly on your hands and then your hair.

Problem 4: No Time to braid – Elastics
Solution 4: Use YouTube tutorials to master the art of the fishtail and French braid to look effortlessly polished and on trend. Clear elastics are must-haves. They are better than bulky fabric hair ties and you can use them to aid in your fishtail—then easily cut them off.