Blow Dry Express is Not Your Mother’s Hairdresser

Finding ‘The One’

Many women are totally, absolutely loyal to their hairdresser. Your hair is the ultimate image to express yourself.   So, how do you find ‘The One’ – the hairdresser who gets you.

Feel the Magic at Blow Dry Express

Your hairstyle can make your dreams come to life. Find a hairdresser that can use their creative vision to create a look you will love. Here are my four steps to realising your dreams:

  1. Be open to moving to Blow Dry Express! (see my video of The Fall)
    Sometimes people come out of their salon with an unsatisfactory hairstyle. Run, don’t delay, and come to Blow Dry Express  Maybe your hairdresser was talking too much and not paying attention? Maybe they were having a great time and didn’t want to stop. If you have a traumatic experience don’t say “I’m never going to trust any hairdresser again!” A bad hairstyle can (almost) always be saved.
  2. Take advantage of time – Blow Dry Express is fast & convenient
    All Blow Dry Express stylists are trained for quality AND speed. We love our clients but there is sooo much to do in London that three cups of coffee and three hours in a salon is not time well-spent. Visit the salons in the home counties for the 3-hour experience (including waiting time for your partner).
  3. Trust Blow Dry Express knows what we are doing
    I will be honest with you at all times. Talk about all concerns you have with your hair, I can remedy 99% of the problems. If your hair needs something, I will tell you. If you are part of the 1%, it is not a problem with your hair.
  4. Look at the Blow Dry Express Photographs and Video
    Tell me which style you prefer OR bring a photo of your own style image. I will know exactly what you are looking for.

Blow Dry Express is devoted to hair care. I offer volume discounts and generous (the most generous in London) Loyalty Programmes to encourage fast and frequent hairstyling and vigilant haircare.

Regular hair maintenance is essential to maintain ‘the look’ after getting a new look.

March, 2018