Mothering Sunday Hair Care — FREE blow dry for Mum on Saturdays

The Best Mother’s Day Gift is Time Together

Never mess with Mum’s hair.  Almost all mums take pride in their gentle curls, the smoothness of the hair, and the radiant shine. You know how much your mum loves her hair. She has tried all the latest hair treatments that claim to rejuvenate your hair, and she can tell you which actually do. You know the best hair secrets, tricks, and home remedies all thanks to your mum’s crazy researching and experimenting.

Now, it is your turn to show your gratitude. INVITE her for a chic shampoo-blowdry experience at Blow Dry Express. Let your mother relax while she gets the next hair treatment she wants to test. Blow Dry Express offers many different hair treatments and services for beautiful and healthy hair.  With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this could be the perfect gift for your mum.

If the FREE blow dry is not enough of recognition for your mum. Get your mum a gift card that she can use to get a cut, colour, hair treatment, or even get her favourite hair products with!  You can introduce your mum to weekly, semi-monthly or monthly blow dries in-between visits to her regular hairdresser.

You can also buy your mum a package of ten more blow dries so she can go monthly and spend some time exclusively with you.  Find a package that your mum will love and get a gift card for that amount! She will love the fact that you know her so well and that she gets to spend time with you without spending money on getting her hair done!

The pressure is on to find the perfect gift for Mum


February 2018