The Salon vs The Gym

I pay about £25/week for my gym membership.  When  I compare chic hairstyling to physical fitness, a weekly blowdry is about the same price as gym membership — and the benefits are about the same.  I feel great after a good workout and I feel great when my hair looks good.

So, what are the secrets to chic hairstyling:

  • Good hairstyling starts with regular salon visits.
    Hair fitness is like body fitness. Your salon visits should be like your gym visits regular and dedicated.
  • Find a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle.
    If you are doing extreme sports every week and an occasional Tough Mudder race, big bouncy curls will be difficult to maintain everyday. BDE can give you a dozen tips depending on your lifestyle.
  • Use products specific to your hair.
    BDE is expert at matching your hair texture, type, length and style to the right products for you. It is like a fitness trainer designing the right workout plan for you.
  • Make time to style your hair
    Whether you are at home or visiting a salon, make your own time to style your hair. BDE gives great blowdries is only 30 minutes.

Come FEEL the magic at Blow Dry Express.