Autumnal Hair Care

Cooler temperatures bring a whole new set of challenges for hair care.  I have three (maybe FOUR) easy autumn hair care tips to make sure your hair looks and feels amazing this season!

TIP 1:  Given Your Hair a Fresh Start

Over the summer months, many clients ask for more styling products than usual as they create favourite summer styles.  I recommend rinsing out this build up and give your hair a fresh start for the autumn.

Buy a good clarifying shampoo.  Lucy Abbersteen at Marie Claire just wrote a great article on clarifying shampoos.  Use the clarifying shampoo about once a week which will gently and deeply cleanse your hair and scalp.  Clarifying shampoo will leave your hair feeling clean and healthy but not stripped and dry.

TIP 2:  Moisturise

During the summer your hair will have been battered by the sun’s harmful rays.  The autumn is the time to re-start your moisturizing regime in time for the Christmas party season.

Use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair once a week to restore its natural moisture.  Keep up this regime throughout the autumn and winter as central heating in the colder months also saps the hair of moisture. 

TIP 3: Fight the Frizz

Damp, drizzly, foggy days are enough to put anyone off autumn.  Many damp days are not good hair days and frizzy hair is a natural consequence.

After hydrating and moisturising hair,  fight the frizz with superior styling products, specially formulated for the job.   There are hundreds of great anti-frizz products and oils.  See my previous blog on anti-frizz solutions.

Just three steps to keeping your hair in great shape this autumn.   

TIP 4:  Become a Regular Client at Blow Dry Express

Many women find this regime too daunting!  These women are regular clients of BDE and we make their hair styling beautiful every week.  BDE has clarifying shampoo, Brazilian BlowOuts, L’Oreal Deep Conditioning Treatments and a dozen anti-frizz solutions.  Come and experience the magic.

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