High Humidity + High Temperature = High FRIZZ

Perhaps I am late to my own party but summer hair care is different. High humidity and high temperatures equal high FRIZZ. So, here are my tips:

1. Invest in a Brazilian BlowOut
To battle humid hair and to avoid the dreaded frizz is to invest in a permanent blow-dry. A Brazilian BlowOut usually lasts three months and it can keep all your natural waves but without the frizz. I offer the highest quality products at affordable prices.

2. Pre-Frizz Preparation
Use “leave-in” treatment masks instead of a conditioner to keep long, thick hair smooth in a humid environment. These treatments are more moisturising and don’t fully rinse it out – leave about 5-10 per cent of the mask in the ends of your hair to protect it from frizz.

3. Sleep on it
Braid hair before sleeping will reduce the amount of movement at night as this adds friction when sleeping. Also, a silk pillow can help prevent breakage too. Use a snag-free hair tie to help avoid hair breakage when you tie-up your hair at night

4. Shampoo: Less is More
Only use shampoo on your roots and rinse shampoo thoroughly, so your hair will not dry out. Do not over-wash the hair and do not over-dry your hair. Over-washing will strip it of its natural oils, making hair more frizzy. Over-drying hair is going to damage hair so dry on a low heat and don’t put texture into it with texturising sprays, as this will emphasise frizziness. Use oil-based products when styling to counteract fluffiness and frizziness

5. Come to Blow Dry Express
I cannot disguise my self-interest in promoting my blow dries but professional care has a lot more value if you will be going through humidity for any length of time. If you do have layers or you have short hair, now might be the time to start letting your layers and hair grow out.

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