Blow Dry Express Has Best Loyalty Scheme in UK – HairMiles

I am excited to re-brand my loyalty scheme!!! My my loyalty scheme is the best kept secret among UK salon users and I am trying to figure out why.

I am frustrated that my loyalty scheme is so unknown. I offer a FREE blow dry after about 10 visits (depending on how much you pay per visit). So, the reward percentage is about 10% of a client’s cumulative spending with me. I look at other salons and they reward their clients about 2% of spending — better than Tesco Club points but not much better.

I have operated my loyalty programme since I opened my first salon. Everyone is automatically enrolled and I keep track of everyone’s appointments and treatments. I gave almost 200 FREE blow dries last year and expect to give over 300 FREEBIES this year.

Still, almost no one knows it exists. So……………..I am RE-BRANDING. I am dedicating a page on my website to explain the scheme AND I am issuing loyalty cards—just like Oyster Cards — to my regular clients so they know I am keeping track of their visits.

I would love it if every client gets a FREE blow dry under this scheme.

All feedback is good. Please send me a note if you have any ideas about my loyalty programme.

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