Favourite Easter Hairstyles

Easter is only a few weeks away!!

Last year, I gave away the secrets to all my special Easter trips.  This year, I am in the salon most of the weekend and I have thought about ideas for little girls’ hairstyles.  I do not get a lot of school age girls in the salon but I like to imagine my daughter’s hair in a few years.

Here is my favourite:

Make as many or as few rosette buns as you want (I have done five here)

  1. Brush hair and wet it down. Part hair wherever the natural part is and form a big ponytail on the back of the head. Secure with rubber band.
  2. Divide into 5 hair sections in the ponytail. Two sections on top and three on the bottom.  The easiest way to do this is to divide the hair into two pieces (one on top and one on bottom). Make sure the bottom section contains slightly more hair than the top section… to allow for the extra hair section. Feel free to loosly rubberband the top and bottom sections to keep them separate.
  3. Ignore the bottom section for a minute. Divide the top section into two even-volume pieces.
  4. Twist each piece until it is tight.
  5. Wrap the twisted hair around itself creating a rosette looking bun. Secure the bun by putting another rubber band around its base. Make sure all ends are anchored by the rubber band, and repeat with section #2.
  6. Divide the bottom section into three equal-volume strands.
  7. Twist each piece until it is tight. Twist the strand around itself to create the Rosette bun. Again, secure the ends with a rubber band.
  8. Finish the first rosette on the left, the second on the right first leaving the piece in the middle for last. When you twist the middle piece into a bun you might find there is not a lot of room for the bun.