Wedding Hair Post Pandemic – Five Simple Styles

JUNE 2021

There will be more weddings eventually.   For the smaller parties this summer, I am recommending the coolest hairstyle inspirations for brides and guest


It’s time to ditch the flower crown – that boho look has been dead for some time. In its place is the single flower adornment. Styled with a texturizing spray weave your hair with one or two flowers. Each bridesmaid can choose different types and colours of flowers. Fresh flowers are exquisite, but you can now trust fake flowers to look like the real thing without wilting.


There’s no rule against wearing your hair in a top-knot for your wedding. Prep hair with anti-slip mousse and blow-dry, blasting hair with your head upside down so the roots lie in the right direction, then gathering it into a tight, off-centre ponytail on top of your head. If your hair is fine, wrap it around a styling doughnut.


With a deep side-parting, a low, effortless knot becomes a minimalist statement. Start off with a voluminous blow-dry using a large round bristle brush, then make a low side part. Gather the hair to the heavy side of the parting into a loose ponytail at the side of your head, just below your ear. Twist into a loose bun and secure with as many kirby grips as needed.


Outdoor wedding on the beach? This style is perfect for you.  The 60’s looks never lose relevance and now is the best time to brush up on this classic beauty.  Blow-dry your hair, then create volume at the crown by backcombing that section tightly and close to the roots, fixing it with finishing spray. Next, smooth the top layer of the hair to make it look neat, then start braiding. Keep it quite tight, tie with a tiny black band for simplicity, and loosen the style by pulling out sections of hair to make it look more lived in.


This easy hairstyle is perfect for the bride who wishes to have a more traditional style, but with a modern-day twist.  Think of your inner-hippie, start by scrunching freshly washed and dried hair with a texture spray.  Use tongs for more movement. Next, take a chunk of hair on the right side of your centre or side part (whichever suits you the best), and braid. Repeat on the other side and pin the plaits together at the back of your head. Next, use a gold hair band or create your own headpiece with your favourite jewellery (you can use a piece of elastic to look like a chain) and push onto your head.

Okay, this tutorial is great for the do-it-yourselfers!!!  You can come to Blow Dry Express for the professional version of each of these styles…..I do cater to wedding parties — bride, mothers-of-bride, bridesmaids and grandmothers…..I can travel too…..just send me an email.   SJ[at]