Road to Rio – Brazilian Hair Treatments

1 May

I hear my clients lament that their gets frizzy no matter what they do!!

Before you do anything, look at the structure of your hair.   With age, processes like bleaching, heat styling, and UV damage hair and your hair becomes less elastic and more prone to breakage and fraying.  There are measures you can take to help matters.

Here are the top four recommendations to tame frizz plus a bonus:

Invest in Expensive Pillowcases
If you find your hair is tangled in the morning sleep on a silk pillowcase – it’ll absorb far less moisture and natural oils from your hair and won’t frizz up the cuticles.

Change Your Brushes
Switch to natural-bristle brushes that will smooth down cuticles and also carry sebum from the roots-to-ends, coating the strand and rendering hair shinier.

Daily Hair Products
Use a balm for curly hair or an oil to smooth down straight hair when it is damp. The hair surface will be less prone breaking or damage. It also stops splits as you will have a protective layer on each strand. For extra smoothness, use a conditioning mask after every few washes.

Long Term Hair Products
Get a special conditioning treatment when you get a blow dry. I only charge £25 extra and it is worth the investment in your hair.

Special Promotion
Try-out a Brazilian Treatment to smooth your hair. These treatments last 4 – 6 months depending on hair type. I have dozens of clients who love these applications.