Pop-up at Primark store.

Pioneering a new way to engage with customers, Blow Dry Express were running a pop-up bar at Primark’s Oxford street store between 6th-14th of February. Situated in a perfect spot near make-up and beauty counter, Blow Dry Express girls sported an inviting atmosphere, putting together stylish up do’s and pulling customers in to admire the magical transformations happening right in front of their eyes! If you happened to be passing by, you’d end up trying it out for yourself! In fact, the blow dries and hairdos were so popular that some Primark’s staff ended up getting their hair done too! Now that’s a success story you can’t argue with.

What makes Blow Dry Express so different and appealing to new customers is that any hairstyle can be done in less than 30 minutes and the pricing strategy around it is reasonable and affordable for everyone. New customers are welcomed to enjoy a new hairdo for only £1 a minute, which means that they’d never pay any more than £25 for the whole styling session. No other blow dry bar can beat that kind of competitive pricing! Eager to sport a new look, lady customers of all ages were taking time to relax in Blow Dry Express’s chair and enjoy their waves being transformed by experienced hairstylists. Not that it’s any surprise! Once you’re in a shopping mood, how can you resist having a little extra me time?

Some of the most popular styles amongst the customers included Blow Dry Express’s classics – Soho Lite – the classic cool-girl hair, textured, matte and artfully undone. The Shoreditch Trap – softer than a top knot but edgier than a ballet bun, and Marylroe – the ultimate go-anywhere up-do for when loose hair feels a little lazy.

Blow Dry Express signature look – Soho Lite Blow Dry Express’s founder SJ also notes that there’s new hair-trends emerging at all times, of which customers are very receptive, trying to incorporate what’s currently into their everyday looks. The major trends of the minute that has its clear mark on most hairstyles are beach waves, curls and of course our all-time favourites – the timeless braids that can be incorporated into any hairdo, SJ advises.

With that in mind, we couldn’t resist to try out the Angel braid – the perfect statement halo braid – romantic yet strong. This catwalk-inspired plait runs across the hairline and wraps around the head for a regal, crown-like effect. This is one of those styles that simply looks sexier as the day wears on. In under 20 minutes of styling, curling and braiding, the statement braid emerged looking just as fabulous as it sounds! Already planning their next venture – styling Boohoo’s models for LFW (second year around) and plotting their next big collaborations, forever growing Blow Dry Express is re-defining a modern blow dry service of today! Want to treat yourself for a new up-do too?