Why Come to a Blow Dry Bar…

…because you can get the hair style you aspire to with the right haircut and perfect product.

I cannot make your hair grow thicker but I can texture your hair to make it feel thicker. Some hairstylists may be lazy but the key to success is an open line of communication with me. Your hair looks great in the salon because we took the time to make it look that way.

Hair grows at a different rate and has cycles so you may notice at six weeks you didn’t get a bad haircut after all. Also, hair does not grow evenly, ‘the left side of my hair grows faster than the right!’ And, please stop washing your hair everyday! Your hair dries out. Even using professional products still removes your natural oils. All of the blowdrying and flat ironing and curling we do to our locks take such a toll! Your natural oils are the most conditioning for your scalp.

Naturally curly hair is going to always appear drier since the cuticle is never closed down like straight hair. This is why it’s great to use a shine product through your ends. Straight hair is usually very silky at the root which is why it’s hard to get volume, a little razor texture does wonders!

You do not need 100 products, usually one or two will do the trick. One last thing! Hair color! Hair color fades!! Red has the largest molecules of color which means it lasts the shortest amount of time, whereas black has the smallest molecules which means it’s hard to remove! The sun will change your color, look at what the sun does to our skin. Be prepared on holiday to wear hats.

Weekly, semi-monthly, monthly visits can make your hair look great everyday.