Race Week & Wedding Hair

I am super excited for Race Week at Ascot — Like No Where Else — in June and I have two weddings this summer.   I love to wear hats and these events are perfect.  When wearing a hat, I follow three hat rules.

Hat Hair Rule 1
I match my hat, your hair and my outfit.  Every one has different tastes but coordinating all three elements is soooo important to me.

Hat Hair Rule 2
I make sure to keep my hair mostly straight, since mega-curls will be Gone With The Wind. Think bouncy blowout. I always want some body, since super straight strands can look unstyled.  I sometimes ditch the hat!!  So, to prevent strands from falling flat, I use a volumizing root spray on damp hair, then use a big round brush to get lift as I blowdry.   I backcomb a little bit around, smooth the strands on top and let hair cool completely before placing my hat.

Hat Hair Rule 3
I style my hair prior to hatting. Think of the Ascot or wedding hat as an accessory.  I pick my hair style depending on the size and placement of my hat.  Every hair is in place before adding the hat to the ensemble.

BDE is expert at coordinating your hair style to enhance your look. Race week and weddings are special looks necessitating special hair styles to enhance your outfit.

Race week and wedding hats can be a big hit. A great looking hat gets loads of attention. Use these rules to maximise the attention on you — your hat, your hair and your total look is a perfect match.

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