Mousse has gotten better and better as beauty brands add-in moisturising and nourishing ingredients to the drying alcohol-infused ‘sticky’ formulas. Mousse foam is lightweight and airy and distributes evenly and conditions hair while it works. The magic of mousse is that it works on all hair types whether you want body, bounce, beach waves, or an undo that stays put.

Here are the proper techniques:

Activate Ingredients – AI
Rub the dollop in between your hands so it emulsifies into a lotion-like texture before you apply it to your hair so that you don’t end up with a concentrated blob in one section.

Pump-Up Limp Roots – PLR
Massage mousse into your roots, then concentrate your blow-dry upwards by lifting hair upwards with a bristle brush from the roots. This will also help prep an up ‘do, whether you want a chignon with more volume or a slip-resistant ponytail.

Build Body & Volume – BBV
Nothing works like a full head of mousse when it comes to creating volume, and even a lightweight mousse can make it look three times fuller. Start off with a single golf ball-sized dollop and distribute it evenly throughout freshly washed, damp hair. Blow-dry using a large, round bristle brush, then add more mousse if you want more oomph.

Add Texture to Straight Hair – ATSH
If your hair is poker-straight, scrunch a palmful of mousse through the lengths and let it air dry for lots of natural movement and roughed-up texture.

Define & Control Curls – D&CC
Using your fingers as a comb, smooth through a handful of mousse throughout the whole of your hair, twisting sections as it air-dries. The result will be soft, shiny and defined curls. If you want to dry your naturally curly hair, use a diffuser and position it underneath for serious bounce.

Less is More for Super Sleek Hair – LiM
You don’t need to use a tonne to get frizz-free, straight hair. Instead, just add a small ball of mousse to freshly washed hair, then use a concentrator nozzle pointing down the hair shaft to flatten the cuticles for mega-watt shine.