How to make and cancel an appointment?

  • You make an appointment with our online booking system by entering contact information (returning clients only need a mobile phone number)

  • OR even easier, use the BDE app to make an appointment from your phone (after registering)


  • We discuss the style you want.

  • We style your hair with our special magic.

  • FOR UPDO’s come with clean dry hair

  • Our service is fast, efficient & affordable.

How do I make a booking?

New Users

First step

If you are a new user the first step is to fill in your personal information.
Check the “New user” option and complete the form.

Second step

The second step is to choose your salon and your service. You can choose the salon nearest to you by looking on the map and clicking the blow dry express location marker, or just by using the drop-down list.

Not all services are available in every salon, so you may want to choose according to the service you want. You can see all the services in the drop down under the salon.

Third step

Choose the day and time you want. In the calendar you can see the price of the service and the price varies according to the most popular times of day. You can generally find the lowest prices in the middle of the day.


Fourth step

To complete your booking just click on the “Book now” button.

Returning Users

If you are a returning user, check “Returning user” and fill in your phone number. The system will recognise you.

You will receive an email in your inbox with your appointment confirmation. At the bottom of the email there is a link to cancel in case you have made a mistake, or you can’t make your appointment.