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Wedding Hair Post Pandemic – Five Simple Styles

JUNE 2021 There will be more weddings eventually.   For the smaller parties this summer, I am recommending the coolest hairstyle inspirations for brides and guest FLOWER POWER It’s time to ditch the flower crown – that boho look has been dead for some time. In its place is the single […] Continue reading

Road to Rio – Brazilian Hair Treatments

1 May I hear my clients lament that their gets frizzy no matter what they do!! Before you do anything, look at the structure of your hair.   With age, processes like bleaching, heat styling, and UV damage hair and your hair becomes less elastic and more prone to breakage and […] Continue reading


  I doubt TS Eliot suffered from dull roots but getting caught in the rain doesn’t have to mean a bad hair day. Go with the flow If your hair is soaking wet, go with it. Work several handfuls of mousse into hair from roots-to-ends for a (purposefully) separated texture […] Continue reading


Mousse has gotten better and better as beauty brands add-in moisturising and nourishing ingredients to the drying alcohol-infused ‘sticky’ formulas. Mousse foam is lightweight and airy and distributes evenly and conditions hair while it works. The magic of mousse is that it works on all hair types whether you want […] Continue reading

Dry Shampoo is Great

Dry shampoo is almost an essential beauty product given the benefits such as blow-dry-extending, texture-enhancing and volume-boosting. These benefits are all genuine AND there are more ways to use dry shampoo. Here are some ideas: 1. Pick the right product for you. As I have said many times, there are […] Continue reading

Pure Brazilian is Better Than DevaCurl

Jeez, I have not posted a comment in sooooo long that I have probably lost my blogger membership. I just read an article on DevaCurl and want to give a shout out to Pure Brazilian. BDE does not use DevaCurl and never has used DevaCurl. I have always preferred Pure […] Continue reading

Brazilian Blowout vs Keratin

Many hairstylists have written essays on the differences between a Brazilian Blowout versus Keratin. The best article in 2019 is https://www.instyle.com/hair/brazilian-blowouts-guides-tips My only advice is that the Brazilian Blowout is longer lasting and worth the extra expense. Shop around and make sure your salon uses genuine products!!!! SJx Continue reading

Favourite Easter Hairstyles

Best Easter Party hair for little girls Continue reading

Hair Tips for 2019

Best Hairstyling Tips for 2019 Continue reading

Hair Inspiration

The Best a Woman Can Get Continue reading

3 Step Winter Hair Prep

HYDRATING Use a conditioner: Choose a good conditioner and apply it early and often–wring excess water out first and combing the product through. Find anti-frizz products:      Mist in an anti-frizz spray in several different sections before you blow dry. Experiment with oil: Natural oils can function as a leave-in conditioner, hydrating […] Continue reading

New Year New Hair

New Hair Routine A hair care routine that will ensure that no matter the hairstyle, your hair will look shiny and healthy is as simple as: Wash with new shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Experiment with a hair treatment once a week/month. Get regular hair trims. Give your […] Continue reading

Holiday Party Hairstyles

The holiday season is here and everyone wants to look their best for every party.  I have looked at hundreds, maybe thousands, of party hairstyles and my only advice is for every client to find a style they like and Blow Dry Express can create it for them just in-time […] Continue reading

8 Step Process for a Great Blowdry

STEP 1: PREPARATION Tools:    1) Round Brush; 2) Hairdryer Products: 1) Shampoo and conditioner (alcohol and sulfate free) 2) Deep conditioning hair mask 3) Thickening spray 4) Conditioning spray 5) Texturizing spray 6) Finishing / smoothing cream STEP 2: WASH YOUR HAIR THOROUGHLY Preparation is essential to blowout your […] Continue reading


It has been so warm for the first week in October but I know it will get colder and hats become a necessary fashion accessory for me.  While I wear many hats (pun?), the challenge is getting the right hair style to match the hat style!!!  So, I recommend a […] Continue reading

Autumnal Hair Care

Cooler temperatures bring a whole new set of challenges for hair care.  I have three (maybe FOUR) easy autumn hair care tips to make sure your hair looks and feels amazing this season! TIP 1:  Given Your Hair a Fresh Start Over the summer months, many clients ask for more styling products […] Continue reading

The Salon vs The Gym

I pay about £25/week for my gym membership.  When  I compare chic hairstyling to physical fitness, a weekly blowdry is about the same price as gym membership — and the benefits are about the same.  I feel great after a good workout and I feel great when my hair looks […] Continue reading

BDE is better than DIY

Here are my six steps to better hair care: 1. Wet is sometimes best As soon as you get out of the shower, pat — don’t rub — your hair. Consider a leave-in conditioner. 2. Treat your hair gently Think of damaged hair like cashmere — you wouldn’t just toss […] Continue reading

High Humidity + High Temperature = High FRIZZ

Perhaps I am late to my own party but summer hair care is different. High humidity and high temperatures equal high FRIZZ. So, here are my tips: 1. Invest in a Brazilian BlowOut To battle humid hair and to avoid the dreaded frizz is to invest in a permanent blow-dry. […] Continue reading

Blow Dry Express Has Best Loyalty Scheme in UK – HairMiles

I am excited to re-brand my loyalty scheme!!! My my loyalty scheme is the best kept secret among UK salon users and I am trying to figure out why. I am frustrated that my loyalty scheme is so unknown. I offer a FREE blow dry after about 10 visits (depending […] Continue reading