Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a blow dry bar and a typical salon?
A blow dry bar has a much smaller menu of services (blow dries and updo’s) and much faster service. A blow dry bar can wash and style medium length hair in 30 minutes. A salon often takes an hour. Salons usually charge higher prices for the extra time.

What is the difference between at-home versus salon hairstyling?
Hairstyling in a salon is usually faster and stylists can style hair more carefully (and more chicly) and with more shine than an at-home experience.

How long does a blow dry last?
A blow dry usually lasts for three to four days depending on many things – hairstyle, hair type, humidity, etc.

Does a blow dry in a salon include a shampoo and wash?
Yes, all blow dries include hair shampooing.

Does an UpDo in a salon include a shampoo?
No, you should come with clean, dry hair for the longest lasting styling

How frequently should I get a blow dry?
It depends on hair thickness and type. In general, weekly or monthly styling is best.

How long does a brazilian blowout last?
Brazilian blowouts last about three months. It depends on hair type, length and thickness.

What is dynamic pricing?
Dynamic pricing is similar to airline-style pricing where the price for a blow dry changes based on: i) time-of-day of the appointment (mid-day is cheapest); ii) day-of-week (Tuesday is cheapest day); and iii) destination.

Is there a grace period for an appointment?
Only 5-minutes of grace. For a 30-minute appointment, everything happens so fast and usually there is a client immediately following.

Does a blow dry bar charge more for longer hair?
Yes, for long hair and hair extension the prices are always higher.